Who We Are

Rowanberry Coven was founded in September of 2011 and has been regularly celebrating Sabbats and Esbats since our inception.  We are lead by our High Priestess, Saille.  Rowanberry is made up of a terrific group of witches and we are proud that our coven is not only a working group but also a chosen family.  Our ages range from mid-20’s through mid-40’s (though the only age requirement for initiation is that seekers are 21+).  We come from many different academic backgrounds and work in a number of fields — our members are scientists, teachers, administrators, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, musicians, and marketers.  Some of us are married, others are single, others are partnered.  Some of us are parents.  All of us are awesome…humble too!

When meeting potential students we are interested to see the ways our personalities mesh — do we get along with you, and you with us?  We recognize that it takes time for trust to grow and for friendships to bloom and we like to spend time with potential students in casual settings to see how we all vibe with one another.

Though we take our craft seriously we recognize the value in fully exploring the Goddess’s mandate to nurture both mirth and reverence in our lives.  Rowanberry Coven is no stranger to mirth!  We additionally have the good fortune to have other Gardnerian covens in the area and we make a regular habit of sharing social and ritual space with them.  Gardnerians may be relatively small in numbers, but have a strong community both locally and internationally.

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