What We Do

Gardnerian Wicca is an initatory, oathbound, orthopraxic, mystery tradition that traces its roots to and through Gerald Gardner.  Gardnerian craft works with a specific God and Goddess, and celebrates holidays that follow the cyclical nature of the natural world.  There is a focus on fertility and as such our rites reflect a traditional understanding of the male/female dichotomy.  In following with our Gardnerian lineage, Rowanberry Coven practices opposite-gender initiation.

You may have questions or concerns about what this gender binary means in today’s world where gender is not such a simple construct.  As mentioned on our welcome page, we are a queer-friendly coven and are happy to have a conversation with any seeker who wonders if Gardnerian practice is the right fit for them and vice versa.  The tradition’s oathbound nature limits what we can share in detail but there is plenty of room for discussion about identity and orientation.

Gardnerian Wiccans are witches.  Despite rumors, those who practice our tradition know full well that there are many different types of witchcraft that help make the world go ’round.  We ask that our students focus their full attention on Gardnerian practice as they work through their training, but there are plenty of initiates who maintain multiple mystical and magical practices as a complement to their Gardnerian craft.

Rowanberry Coven, like all Gardnerian groups, does not charge our seekers/students and does not practice any sort of sexual initiation.  Neither of these have anything to do with Gardnerian craft whatsoever.  We support seekers vetting us with the larger Gardnerian community and encourage you to read more about this process here.

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