Rowanberry and You

Different covens use a variety of frameworks for getting to know students, preparing them for initiation, and judging whether they are appropriate candidates both for the coven and for Gardnerian craft in general.  Working and studying with any coven (Rowanberry included) is never a guarantee of initiation.

Covens often call their student groups a grove or an outer court, in contrast to the inner court rites which are for initiates only.  Rowanberry Coven does not have a strict outer court syllabus but instead focuses on a combination of social time, craft-related conversations, and learning through observation and trial and error within outer court ritual space.  The idea that training takes a year and a day is a poetic way of reminding seekers that initiation is earned through hard work, patience, and dedication; it is not a literal timeline.  We ask our seekers to be able to dedicate one (occasionally 2) Saturday night(s) per month for work with the coven.

If you’d like to start a conversation with us about training we’d love to hear from you!  You can introduce yourself via an email to and though we may take a few days, we will get back to you with a questionnaire to get a feel for your thoughts on some relevant topics.  If we think there’s a potential for a good match, we’ll invite you to meet with a small group of our coven elders.  From there, the rest may be history!  Please note, however, that depending on the number of our current students we may not always be able to begin the aforementioned process immediately.  We will communicate to you where things stand and we welcome your inquiries even if we ask you to wait a few sabbats before reaching out again.

Please note that Rowanberry Coven is temporarily closed to new students for the calendar year of 2017.  We have experienced some rapid growth and are choosing to spend this year focusing inward on our existing members.  You are still welcome to reach out with any questions, but know that we will be unable to consider you for training during this time.

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