Welcome to Rowanberry

Rowanberry Coven is a coven of the Gardnerian tradition, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Rowanberry Coven offers training and hosts Outer Court Esbats and Sabbats, open by invitation to interested individuals. Membership in our Outer Court training grove is available to any seeker aged twenty-one years and older, except otherkin, vampires, furries, Juggalos, anyone who listens to Nickleback or votes for Donald Trump. Yankees fans will be evaluated on a case by case basis, but it's not a mark in your favor.

For more information about our coven, please refer to our About Us page. If you wish to know more about Gardnerian Wicca, a number of useful resources can be found on our More Info page. If you wish to contact us directly, please use the "Contact Us" link or `send us an email at rowanberry@rowanberry.org.